10 Strange Facts About King Tut & His Tomb

Tutankhamun A.K.A. “King Tut” was a young ruler (pharaoh) of Egypt of the 18th dynasty. His rule and tomb have sparked interest of many explorers and historians over the years. Grab your map and let’s take a look at some strange king tut facts as we dive into ancient Egyptian culture.

King Tut Facts:

Tut’s life and legacy was a bit more strange than you might think

  1.  It took the explorer who discovered King Tut’s tomb, Howard Carter, over 10 years to catalog and look through each and every bit of treasure buried in the tomb.
  2. King Tut’s sarcophagus included a mask made of gold that weighed in at about 20 pounds. That’s worth about $350,000 in today’s market.
    King Tut Facts
  3. When tutankhamun became pharaoh he was only about 9 years old. He was nicknamed “the boy king”.
  4. History tells us that he died at a young age of 19. CAT scans indicate he may have died from a broken leg which may have been infected. It’s estimated that he ruled from 1333 BC to 1324 BC.
  5. Scientists preformed a study in 2005 and learned some interesting king tut facts about the presence of malaria in his system. This may have lead to his quick demise as well.
  6. It’s believed that king tut may have died suddenly – which might explain why he didn’t have his own pyramid built. He was buried in a much smaller tomb than most rulers.
  7. During his reign he attempted to promote the worship of only one of their many gods, aten, god of the sun.
  8. In 1982 Konami made a video game based around king tut called Tutankham.
  9. King tut has shown up in various pop-culture references including movies and tv shows such as “The Curse Of King Tut’s Tomb” in 2005.
  10. According to a national geographic expedition in 2015, radar scans may reveal additional hidden chambers and passageways that are yet to be explored. Maybe there will be many more king tut facts to discover soon.

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