11 Ludicrous Lobster Facts

If you’ve ever eaten lobster before, I’m sure you can understand why they’ve become so popular!  Ah, Lobster;  The armored, claw bearing, delicious cannibals of the sea. Armed so well in fact, that the only predator of a fully grown adult lobster is Mankind.  If you think that’s interesting, here’s 11 more Ludicrous Lobster Facts.

  1. Lobsters were so abundant in the early days that people thought of them as trash food. It was fit only for the poor because it resembled an insect.
  2. One lobster claw can exert 100 lbs per square inch of force. That force is enough to break a person’s arm.
  3. Lobsters don’t scream when you cook them because they can’t process pain. The sound you hear is trapped air that comes out from the stomach and out of the mouth.
  4. Red is not the only natural color of lobsters. They can also come in blue, green, or yellow.                                            Lobster Facts - Trio of colored lobsters
  5. One cup of lobster meat provides 28 grams of protein and has a low caloric intake. One cup of lobster comes out to 141 calories without butter.
  6. Lobsters do not have a backbone and belong in the crustacean family.
  7. Lobsters normally have 10 walking legs, the first three pairs have claws. The first of these has the largest set of claws, known for being incredibly strong and intimidating. (Also known for being tasty!)
  8. Lobsters can be found in all four oceans. They like to live in freshwater that is slightly salty.
  9. Live lobsters perish quickly so it is best to cook them on the day you get one. If eating for another day, place it in saltwater and seaweed to keep it in good taste.
  10. Lobsters do in fact bleed. It comes out as blue when it comes in contact with oxygen.
  11. Lobsters eat each other when there is no other food around. They are known cannibals.

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