13 Amazing Owl Facts & Trivia Answers

Owls are interesting critters. They’re not exactly your backyard variety bird who stops at your bird feeder to grab some food every morning. These elusive birds of prey are very interesting and quite different from the common birds you see each and every day. We hope you enjoy learning some owl facts you’ve never heard before:

Owl Facts:

  1. An owl eyes are shaped more like a tube than a sphere. This provides much better depth perception and see greater distances but makes rolling their eyes difficult.
  2. Owls are able to turn their head about 270 degrees. This helps make up for the fact that they can’t really move their eyes much.
  3. If turning their head cuts off blood supply, a blood pooling system kicks in that provides temporary “power” until the owl moves back to a more comfortable position.
  4. A baby owl is called an owlet. They are extremely fluffy and some folks find them quite cute.
  5. You can find different species of owls all over the world on every continent except Antarctica.
  6. It’s almost impossible to hear an owl when they’re flying. Their special feathers are able to reduce sound by altering the turbulence that forms when flying it into smaller currents.
  7. The common barn owl will eat an estimated one thousand mice each year. Farmers are usually quite thankful for this natural form of pest control.
  8. Owls do not have five toes or feet anything like our own. They have zygodactyl feet which means two toes are pointed forward and the other two are facing backwards. This allows for a better grip when grabbing trees or small rodents while hunting.
  9. Most people think owls only “hoot”. They often make other noises that sound like barks, whistles, and hisses.
  10. A group of owls is called a parliament.
  11. Fossils were once found with an owl-like creature that stood almost 4 feet tall called Ornimegalonyx
  12. Owls often regurgitate a “pellet” made up of parts of their food they can’t easily digest such as bones.
  13. Owls can’t see objects close to them clearly, they’re farsighted.
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