Komodo Dragon Facts

13 Kindred Komodo Dragon Facts

Komodo Dragons are without a doubt one of the coolest critters on earth. Whether or not that’s the reason they’re named after a fabled beast of power and might, or because they earned that name through their shear power and size, it’s absolutely certain the name fits them well. Without further ado, here are 13 Kindred Komodo Dragon Facts.

  1. The Komodo Dragon is also known as the “Komodo Monitor”.                    Komodo Dragon Facts
  2. Currently holds the title of the biggest lizard of any kind alive on Earth.
  3. The largest verified Komodo dragon was 3.13 meters long and weighed 166kg (366lbs)
  4. While Komodo Dragons can run at up to 12mph, they chose to hunt via stealth and power.
  5. It was theorized in the first scientific paper reporting the Komodo Dragon that they were deaf, this has since been proved wrong.
  6. While the Komodo Dragon is able to see and hear well, they rely mostly on their incredibly sense of smell to detect food.
  7. Komodo Dragons sample the air with their tongue to detect what other things are nearby.                                                               Komodo Dragon Facts
  8. When attacking, it’s said that the sound of a Komodo Dragon’s quick movement is similar to that of a “muffled machine gun”.
  9. Komodo hunting follows one of two plans depending on the size of the animal: a) Knock target off balance and then shred to pieces. OR b) Shred to pieces
  10. Komodo Dragons aren’t poisonous, but are known to have old meat that has gone so bad it’s considered septic in tooth serrations. This causes results very similar to poison, as anything (other than another Komodo Dragon) will likely be dying a week after the bite.                                                                                                                             Komodo Dragon Facts
  11. Komodo Dragons consume (on average) all but 12% of their kills. This includes fur, bones, and hooves. (Yuck!)
  12. Larger Komodo Dragons are often known to cannibalize younger Komodo Dragons.
  13. Nobody was sure Komodo Dragons even existed until the year 1910.


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