15 Shocking Facts You Never Knew About The Human Body

Chances are if you’re reading this you’re human. For you robots reading this: 01101000 01101001 (hi). That means you are one of the most interesting and complex animals on the planet. We might not have wings or gills but that hasn’t stopped us from flying or exploring the ocean depths. Most of us don’t think about how our heart beats consistently, our brain is capable of storing massive amounts of information, or just how much air our lungs take in every day. Take a few minuets to stop and think about just how awesome you are! These facts about the human body might just take your breath away. (Insert laugh track here)

Shocking Human Body Facts:

  1. On average we breathe about 3,000 gallons of air every day. Only 20% of that is oxygen.
  2. Most bodily functions will temporally stop when you sneeze, including your heart.
  3. Hearts beat over one hundred thousand times a day.
  4. Around every 60 seconds, your red blood cells will cycle completely through your body

Feet have approximately 250 thousand separate sweat glands.
  6. About twenty percent of the oxygen we breathe goes directly to the brain.
  7. On average people stretch to be about a quarter inch taller at night when sleeping.
  8. Sneezing has been recorded breaking speeds of 165km per hour.
  9. Humans have almost forty thousand miles of capillaries.shocking fact human mites
  10. Our nose pores and eyelashes are home to tiny mites. A 2014 study found 100% of people age 18 and older had mite DNA on their faces, which suggests the mites are universal inhabitants of adult humans
  11. More than four hundred different species of bacteria living in the human colon.
  12. The average human eyeball weighs about an ounce.

Inflammatory pain and headaches are said to be reduced by eating tart cherries.
  14. Female egg cells are the largest known cell in the human body. They are about 175 thousand times heavier than the male sperm cell which is the smallest known cell.
  15. Human babies have more than sixty more bones than adults.

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