8 Weird Facts About Fast Food You Won’t Believe

Let’s be honest, you’ve eaten fast food recently haven’t you. Some of us try to avoid it, others practically embrace it, but inevitably we all take part in what might be America’s true favorite pass time.

We’ve compiled a list of 8 random weird facts about fast food and fast food restaurants that you might not believe.


  1. There are 43,417 Subway restaurants in the US. That’s more than McDonald’s ! (14,157)
  2. Arby’s was originally named after the Raffel Brothers – or – RB’s.
  3. McDonald’s earns most of its profits charging franchisees rent. Never would have expected that eh ?
  4. 9 Billions burgers were served in the US in 2014. Thats about 285bps (burgers per second)
  5. The grill marks you see on most fast food burgers are just “painted” on at the factory using a mixture of tasteless ingredients. Those burgers are most certainly not grilled.
  6. Starbucks had about 137,000 employees in 2010. Or about twice the population of Greenland.
  7. McDonalds estimates one in every eight americans have been one of their employees.
  8. Soft drinks are marked up about 1,250%. Your $2 drink probably cost the restaurant about 16 cents. Possibly the most weird fact of all, is that we’re still buying these drinks !

You might have been expecting a bunch of strange facts about how gross the food is or why you shouldn’t be eating fast food, but we’re not here to judge. On the off chance you wanted to know some strange facts about food… we won’t stop you.

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