Komodo Dragon Facts

13 Kindred Komodo Dragon Facts

Komodo Dragons are without a doubt one of the coolest critters on earth. Whether or not that’s the reason they’re named after a fabled beast of power and might, or because they earned that name through their shear power and size, it’s absolutely certain the name fits them well. Without further ado, here are 13 Kindred […]


19 Blissful, Beaming, Brilliant, Buzzworthy Bee Facts

Everyone has an opinion about bees. Whether you love them, hate them, or really just don’t want to be stung, there’s something for you to learn about them. Don’t bee afraid to indulge in some of these sweet bee facts, Honey. Bees can see ultra violet rays. They see the world primarily in purples and blues. […]

zebra facts

13 Amazing Zebra, Zonky, and Zebdonk Facts

Just like no two people are the same, no two zebras have the same stripes. Here are some other interesting facts about zebras. Zebras are extremely social. They prefer to graze and groom together and will only go to sleep if they are in a group so that they can be warned if a predator […]

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10 Penguin Facts You Won’t Hear At The Zoo

How many penguins can a polar bear eat daily? The answer: none. Polar bears live in the Arctic regions (North of the Equator) while penguins only live South of Equator, mostly near Antarctica. Penguins are interesting birds which many people will not have the opportunity to see in person unless they lived south of the […]

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13 Amazing Owl Facts & Trivia Answers

Owls are interesting critters. They’re not exactly your backyard variety bird who stops at your bird feeder to grab some food every morning. These elusive birds of prey are very interesting and quite different from the common birds you see each and every day. We hope you enjoy learning some owl facts you’ve never heard […]

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Koala Facts

Interesting Koala Facts You’ve Never Heard

Most of us only know Koalas as little cuddly bears that climb trees, eat leaves, and look cute. But who knew they were nocturnal – toxic plant eating – marsupials – who sleep 90% of the time?! You’ll find these Koala facts are both strange and interesting.

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9 Interesting Facts About Dogs That You Might Not Know

Dogs have been mans best friend for hundreds of years. It’s estimated there are over 700 million domestic dogs in the world and here’s a few interesting facts about dogs. Dogs were the first domesticated animals. Used for hunting / gathering, there is evidence of humans working with dogs as far back as 12,000 B.C. […]

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