15 Delicious Facts About Ice Cream

It’s summertime and it’s hot! So when you’re out and about or even at home, what snack do you typically look for to cool down? ICE CREAM! I bet you didn’t know these cool facts about ice cream though! Where did ice cream come from? Many people do not the know the origin of ice […]


12 Unbelievable Facts You Never Knew About Easter

For many, easter is a time to spend with the family, hunt easter eggs, and consume massive amounts of candy. Originally Easter was observed to celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Over many years various traditions such as painting eggs, the easter bunny, and marshmallow peeps became common. No matter why you’re celebrating Easter […]


11 Strange Facts About the Food You Eat Every Day

Okay so we don’t actually know the food you’re eating every day, but it’s safe to assume you’ve at least consumed the food on this list a few times this year. Unless you’re allergic, or afraid of trying new food. Even if you’re not eating an apple every day, you’re still going to freak when you […]

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8 Weird Facts About Fast Food You Won’t Believe

Let’s be honest, you’ve eaten fast food recently haven’t you. Some of us try to avoid it, others practically embrace it, but inevitably we all take part in what might be America’s true favorite pass time. We’ve compiled a list of 8 random weird facts about fast food and fast food restaurants that you might not believe.   […]