10 Interesting Praying Mantis Facts

The praying mantis (or simply mantis) is referring insects in the order Mantodea. These aggressive insects eat other insects such as aphids that some would consider pests. Some gardeners will actually purchase them to help keep harmful bugs off their plants. Wang Lang created a Chinese fighting style based around the mantis (Northern Praying Mantis). […]

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15 Shocking Facts You Never Knew About The Human Body

Chances are if you’re reading this you’re human. For you robots reading this: 01101000 01101001 (hi). That means you are one of the most interesting and complex animals on the planet. We might not have wings or gills but that hasn’t stopped us from flying or exploring the ocean depths.┬áMost of us don’t think about […]


10 Strange Facts About King Tut & His Tomb

Tutankhamun A.K.A. “King Tut” was a young ruler (pharaoh) of Egypt of the 18th dynasty. His rule and tomb have sparked interest of many explorers and historians over the years. Grab your map and let’s take a look at some strange king tut facts as we dive into ancient Egyptian culture.