11 Ludicrous Lobster Facts

If you’ve ever eaten lobster before, I’m sure you can understand why they’ve become so popular!  Ah, Lobster;  The armored, claw bearing, delicious cannibals of the sea. Armed so well in fact, that the only predator of a fully grown adult lobster is Mankind.  If you think that’s interesting, here’s 11 more Ludicrous Lobster Facts. […]


19 Blissful, Beaming, Brilliant, Buzzworthy Bee Facts

Everyone has an opinion about bees. Whether you love them, hate them, or really just don’t want to be stung, there’s something for you to learn about them. Don’t bee afraid to indulge in some of these sweet bee facts, Honey. Bees can see ultra violet rays. They see the world primarily in purples and blues. […]


10 Interesting Praying Mantis Facts

The praying mantis (or simply mantis) is referring insects in the order Mantodea. These aggressive insects eat other insects such as aphids that some would consider pests. Some gardeners will actually purchase them to help keep harmful bugs off their plants. Wang Lang created a Chinese fighting style based around the mantis (Northern Praying Mantis). […]

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